Social Panoramas Crown House Publishing

Lucas Derks ISBN 190442403-1

What is a ‘social panorama’ and how can this book assist therapists to assist their clients?

‘Social Panoramas’ are the way we relate to people and how they relate to you, they are built from the inside and are basically the filters we use to decide where, in our internal hierarchy, people fit in. For example, do you ‘grade’ a doctor as higher than a medical student – would you accept the diagnosis from the med student as trustingly as from the doctor? In your internal hierarchy, is a famous world acclaimed therapist better than ‘Joe Bloggs’ therapist? This book explores this and more…

It also encompasses beliefs, emotions, social forces and interactions – where and how we put these situations, as well as people, in our mind. It clearly explains and details (with the use of exercises) how our internal processes affect our external lives. And it helps the therapist to discover new ways to “unstuck” clients and move them forward.

Lucas Derks book is entertaining, fascinating and thought provoking. Full of practical techniques, exercises and insights, with some great visual graphics, it is a must read.


Terri Bodell, NACHP